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Oreo Forest

KShs 3,500.00KShs 7,000.00

  • Infused with real Oreo cookies for a rich, cookie-filled experience
  • Creamy chocolate mousse layers complementing the crunch of Oreos
  • Perfect for any Oreo lover’s celebration or special occasion
  • Made with high-quality ingredients ensuring a delightful taste
  • Elegantly designed to be a centerpiece at any gathering

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Experience the ultimate indulgence with our Oreo Forest cake, a dream come true for every Oreo enthusiast. This luxurious cake combines the beloved crunch of real Oreo cookies with the smooth richness of chocolate mousse, creating a multi-layered dessert that’s both visually stunning and deliciously satisfying.

Each layer of Oreo Forest is thoughtfully crafted to ensure a perfect balance of textures and flavors. The base consists of a moist, rich chocolate sponge that provides a deep cocoa flavor, setting the stage for the star of the show—Oreos. Crushed Oreo cookies are blended into the chocolate sponge and sprinkled between the layers, offering that irresistible cookie crunch in every bite.

The cake is enveloped in a velvety chocolate mousse that melts in your mouth, enriched with finely crushed Oreos for that extra cookie goodness. This creamy mousse not only complements the crunch of the Oreos but also adds a level of sophistication to the cake’s overall texture.

For those looking to make an impression at any party or celebration, the Oreo Forest cake is designed to be a showstopper. Its elegant appearance is achieved through a meticulous decorating process where more Oreos are artistically placed on top, making it not just a cake, but a centerpiece.

Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or just a special treat, the Oreo Forest is perfect for any event. Not only does it cater to the tastes of Oreo lovers, but it also appeals to anyone who appreciates a beautifully crafted cake made with high-quality ingredients.


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1 Kg, 2 Kg (+Ksh 3500)


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